Back Porch Buddha continues to consistently thrill their audiences with their energetic acoustic style. Bryan and Dennis have spent several years honing their musical repertoire into a compelling musical experience ... always interesting, always improving, always entertaining. Bryan Masters thoughtful and inspiring song craftsmanship is eveident in all of his original tunes, lyrics and songs. No matter if it is solid backing ballad fills, a soaring rock lead or a growling blues fretboard crawl Dennis Hardin's soulful handiwork on acoustic and resophonic guitar is sweetness to any musical palette. Back Porch Buddha is at home on any stage or setting and will quickly bring their audience into their world and leave them standing, wanting more, more, more.
Russell Brace
proprietor, Stage 5

Back Porch Buddha is a most powerful duo that will make you laugh, cry and question your existence in a matter of minutes. Damn good songwriting paired with fantastic musicianship make a lovely Buddha-esque experience. And I'm picky.
Nikki Moddelmog

Back Porch Buddha is kind of like that old friend you look forward to running into, the one who's always got a good story (or tasty guitar lick) to share. The duo -- singer/songwriter Bryan Masters and picker extraordinaire Dennis Hardin -- work equally well on back porch, barroom floor or concert hall stage. Back Porch Buddha = good Karma!

Bryan Masters sings like the illegitimate love child of John Prine and Elvis Costello. He's a guy who'd like to see the world in romantic terms if there just wasn't so much evidence to the contrary.
Joe Stumpe

Bryan Masters and Dennis Hardin channel music with uncommon accuracy, clarity and an elegant simplicity … They take the listener on a journey through the peaks and valleys of the human experience … In Masters' world, we are one, joined by both our shared and singular experiences ... Hardin's flavorful guitar licks lend a sense of lyricism and soul akin to David Lindley's work with Jackson Browne."
Jedd Beaudoin
Strange Currency, KMUW

Back Porch Buddha has the classic pairing of a gifted singer/songwriter with an equally gifted guitarist-multi-instrumentalist. As a duo or augmented with any number of players, BPB is consistently professional, engaging and entertaining.
Mark Scheltgen
Digital Boy Studios

Back Porch Buddha! Saucy lyrics and red-hot licks from the pair of Bryan Masters and Dennis Hardin make for the perfect combo for those who are tired of bland singer-songwriter fare. These two veteran musicians have the writing and picking chops to perk up even the most jaded listener. Their music puts the smile on any Buddha's face. Indulge your ears and your brain with Back Porch Buddha.
Richard Crowson
cartoonist, commentator and banjonaut

I'm not sure Bryan Masters and Dennis Hardin realized what they'd accomplished, but when they stumbled onto the name 'Back Porch Buddha' they came up with the perfect description of their duo.

There's an air and an attitude of comfortable when they play together - in Bryan's lyrics, in Dennis' effortless guitar and mandolin licks, and in the good natured back and forths that knock down anything standing between them and their audience. It's a feeling of easing back, listening to good friends play good music that's as genuine and enjoyable as a back porch jam on a perfect summer night.

But the band goes way beyond 'ah shucks,' with a lyrical and musical intelligence that runs as deep as you want to take it:

"Everyone I know has a heart-shaped hole/where something rare and precious used to live."

"If I could, I'd make this song/look just like a farmhouse."

"We spun 'round the room like two Texas tornadoes dancin' in blue jeans."

"We're on each other like a fevered sweat/sayin' things we regret and never forget."

"It feels like it's my turn/with the appeal of a rugburn and the soul of an earthworm/it's my turn to break somebody's heart."

Nothing you're likely to find written in Buddha's sanskrit hand, but they're lines and stories that grab your attention, keep your interest, tweak your intellect, and leave you with a little something to think about on a whole slew of human subjects and emotions.

It's that juxtaposition of the familiar and the never-before fathomed that give Back Porch Buddha such accessible energy. It's the kind of songs played by the kind of people that make you want to pull up a chair on the porch and become one with the music.
Bob Hamrick
Pop and the Boys



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